Dr. Steven Calhoun and Dr. Mark Wells Become Partner Dentists at DeBary Dentistry

May 23, 2023

DeBary Dentistry's affiliation with Operation Dental has played a vital role in enhancing the practice's capabilities, allowing the team to provide exceptional dental care to a broader patient base and increasing the growth and production metrics of the practice exponentially. This affiliation has not only benefited the practice in terms of improved patient care but has also presented unique investment and business partnership opportunities for the dentists. We are thrilled to announce that Drs. Steven Calhoun and Mark Wells have become partner dentists and partial owners of DeBary Dentistry. This partnership exemplifies their shared commitment to excellence in dental care and business growth.

As partial owners of DeBary Dentistry, Drs. Calhoun and Wells have a vested interest in the practice's continued success, making them active participants in its growth and development. Becoming part-owners of DeBary Dentistry not only provides Drs. Calhoun and Wells with the opportunity to contribute to the practice's strategic decision-making and future direction but also allows them to reap the rewards of its remarkable growth. As the practice thrives, so will their investment, providing a strong foundation for their financial success and professional satisfaction.

Operation Dental's commitment to creating opportunities for dentists is evident in its unique approach to partnerships. By offering ownership to dentists like Drs. Calhoun and Wells, Operation Dental empowers and incentivizes dental professionals to actively participate in the growth and success of the practices they serve.

As Drs. Calhoun and Wells embrace their new roles as partial owners, they will undoubtedly continue to provide exceptional dental care and ensure that DeBary Dentistry remains a trusted source of dental care. Their dedication, combined with the support and resources provided by Operation Dental, will fuel the practice's ongoing success and further solidify its position as a leader in the community. Drs. Calhoun and Wells' investment in the practice demonstrates their belief in its potential and their commitment to delivering exceptional dental care. As they take on their new roles as partial owners, we can expect DeBary Dentistry to continue its upward trajectory, transforming smiles and making a positive impact on the oral health of the DeBary community for years to come.

"I truly believe in the mission and vision of Operation Dental," says Dr. Steven Calhoun. "I’m excited for the opportunity to align myself with a company that I feel contributes not only to my future growth as a dentist but allows me to focus on what I truly love, which is providing personalized patient care. The opportunity to become an owner at DeBary Dentistry gives Dr. Wells and me the ability to make more of a direct impact on the practice's trajectory. It's an honor to be able to shape the future of DeBary Dentistry alongside Operation Dental, and I am confident that our efforts will continue to elevate the standard of dental care in our community.”

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