Introducing Carrie Edwards: A Trailblazer in Human Resources Joins Operation Dental as New HR Director

August 21, 2023

We are thrilled to welcome Carrie Edwards as our new HR Director. With her impressive background and unwavering commitment to employee growth and development, we are confident that Carrie will play a pivotal role in elevating our Human Resources department and contributing to the overall success of our organization.

Carrie's journey in Human Resources began as an administrative assistant, where she lent her talents to private schools and attorneys. Her innate passion for connecting with individuals and helping them realize their full potential ignited her interest in the dynamic field of HR. Two decades ago, Carrie returned to her roots in Florida and embraced an HR position that would set her on a path of continuous growth and evolution.

One of Carrie's standout qualities is her exceptional communication prowess. Recognizing the significance of effective dialogue, she goes beyond mere words, actively listening to employees and creating an environment where their voices are not just heard but valued. Carrie's adeptness at connecting with people serves as the foundation for her ability to train and guide employees, helping them carve out their own paths to success. Her belief in harnessing individual strengths and aligning them with the organization's goals underscores her commitment to fostering a positive and prosperous work environment.

As our new HR Director, Carrie brings more than just a set of responsibilities to the table. Her vision extends far beyond the day-to-day operations of HR; she aspires to contribute to the overarching growth and success of Operation Dental. Her mission is to cultivate an environment where employees can thrive and reach their utmost potential. By advocating for their well-being and championing their professional development, Carrie aims to establish a culture of excellence and accomplishment.

Join us in welcoming Carrie Edwards to Operation Dental as our new HR Director. Together, we are poised to achieve new heights and forge a future of growth and prosperity.

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